The Weight Of Words

"When we do things with love, even if we believe we have failed, something good can always come out of it, something good can be made from it, because the initial substance with which we started is the purest of them all: love. Such a tiny, all-encompassing word that we can feel better than we… Continue reading The Weight Of Words

365 Days Later

One year ago this week, I launched my blog. One year ago this week, I convinced myself to set aside my fears, because the world wasn’t going to wait for me to get over them, and I’m happy I didn’t wait, either. One year ago this week, my hands shook as I clicked “publish” for… Continue reading 365 Days Later

A Series of Random Events

Spend a wonderful Sunday with my old roommates watching fútbol matches on a homemade big screen that hangs from a wooden beam in the living room. Say “see you guys soon” to everyone, take the T, make my way into the very poorly designed South Station bus terminal. Stand in line, talk to Mami on… Continue reading A Series of Random Events