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Hola, soy Belén.

My mind rambles constantly in beautiful, imaginative, and restless ways.

I write, therefore I am.

I am a child of God, a firm believer in science, a lover of languages and human connections; a traveler at my core. I am extremely perceptive and observant, and I love spilling my thoughts and opinions on paper. Mostly, I love spreading love.

I strive to improve each day, to become the grandest version of the highest vision I ever had about myself at any given moment. This is driven by my innate wonder and never-ending curiosity about human beings, our nature, and our world; by a constant hunger to learn and grow, to feed my mind and nurture my soul.

This blog began as a challenge to myself to always write no matter what my day job was, back when my day job wasn’t to write full-time. Muchas gracias for reading, and for your support. You have no idea how much it means to me, and how humbled I am by it.

Con amor,

Photo by: Belén Alemán