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Golden Orange Hues

Golden hues filter in through the window As night falls slowly and the air becomes crisp. In the distance, the bridge’s towers gently pierce the tinted sky And the waves roll in, crashing softly, Coming and going, coming and going. A woman sings sweetly Playing gorgeous melodies with her guitar. The travelers listen intently, enraptured. The magic is palpable, created with each song And destroyed once again with each forthcoming silence. The guitar allows itself to be strummed generously, As the darkness outside engulfs everything in its path. The warm lights inside the cafe are cozy and welcoming, Offering a safe space to connect, to write, to dream, To breathe in the beauty of this moment And of this life. Mahalo, soul of mine, For your generous gifts of song, of word, of breathtaking views, And of pure light. Photo by: Belén Alemán

A Realignment Of Heart And Mind

My heart was ready to explode. The top of my head was balancing on the red rocks, with my arms forming a triangle of tense support around it. My heart didn’t like this. It also didn’t like that I kept going despite its frantic efforts to get me to stop. I was attempting to straighten my back, tighten my core, and walk my legs forward before raising them into a headstand. With every movement, my heart pounded more intensely against my chest, and it did everything in its power to drown out the voice of reason coming from my mind. How could the mind not see that tumbling off a cliff was a perfectly good reason to feel afraid? My mind, on the other hand, knew better, although it was also afraid. The difference was that my mind remembered I had counted the steps before venturing upside down and that I had found a safe spot that was several feet away from the edge. It did its best to console my heart. The two of …