You were the only person I saw at that moment; the only one I could focus on. I wasn’t expecting you to be there, but oh, what a lovely surprise. I caught the smile in your eyes when you saw me. It was a brief, vulnerable smile that you did not have time to disguise. My favorite type of look: honest and open and bare and raw.

And real.

This is real talk. The kind you don’t get to hear or read everyday. The kind that escapes my mind and flows through my fingers and onto this page because my brain has been spinning at such a fierce speed since I first saw you that I needed to find an outlet and a way to hold myself steady.

Run-on sentences help. They run with me, but they don’t let me stop to catch my breath.

Who are you?
How do you do this to me so easily?

You sparked something in me that I’ve been trying to tame, a passion so deeply rooted that, when I let it out, I get restless. It wants to play, and I struggle to keep it at bay. Like a child throwing a tantrum, all I want to do is scream and force the universe to do my bidding.

Patience, my dear, is what I continuously repeat to myself. And to what avail?

I don’t want to silence it anymore.


Photo by: Belén Alemán / New York City, NY, USA

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