It really is the small things in life, like having a big, well deserved breakfast after a three-mile run in Central Park, or reminding yourself during said run that the only thing that matters is the step you are about to take, and not the final destination. At times, you can see the finish line, but at others, due to twists and turns, you just have to enjoy the scenery and trust that you will make it if you keep pushing on.

It is like having no plans during a long weekend and letting life surprise you. It is like getting home after walking all day and finding out that the very loud, yet beautiful classical music flowing through the air is actually a free concert given by the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. And so, you lay on the soft grass in the courtyard of a magnificent cathedral, allowing yourself to simply float off…

It is like being aware of how blessed you are, of how much you are surrounded by love, of how much you have been given. It is like those special moments when you truly master the “living in the now” and you feel whole, and accomplished, and yes, happy. Because happiness is not complicated. Happiness is not difficult. Happiness is, in fact, so simple, that if we were to stop more often to take a deep, long, relaxing breath, we would discover that it has been in our reach all along. It has always been right there, ready for our taking.

And yet, how many of you will read this and struggle with that concept? Do not fool yourselves into thinking that happiness is too intricate for our own understanding, or worse, unachievable. On the contrary. Learn to enjoy the small, simple things in life –yet not less majestic—and you will immediately notice the difference.

Who knows, you might actually feel… Happy.

Photo: Belén Alemán / New York City, New York, USA