A Letter To My Hero

Dear Zach,

As Justin said, “it’s not because you’re dying, it’s because of how you’re living.” In your 18 years on this Earth, you absolutely succeeded at life. You found a way to be truly human, both spiritual and physical at the same time. You understood that Love trumps all, and that our mission in life, which many of us spend hours, days, and even years searching for, is actually quite simple: help others to be happy. You discovered it; you achieved it. What a tremendous accomplishment!

I am in awe of your humanity. I am in awe of your beautiful heart. I am in awe of your amazing soul. I am in awe of your tremendous courage to fight through it all with a huge smile on your face, even in moments of tears. I am in awe of your ability to live on in the lives of those around you, even after death. But more importantly, I am in awe of how you have touched me and so many others without ever physically encountering us.

You said yourself that “death is just one more thing on the agenda.” Well, my dear, that was one hectic agenda you were able to manage! I am not sure if you realized how many things you were able to cross off your life’s to-do list in such a short amount of time… How many humans struggle until their last days with the simple concept of living?

You, Zach, are my hero, as are all those that have managed to embrace, understand, and share so much love, joy, and compassion with others. You journeyed and passed through life with flying colors that can be seen even through the Clouds.

Thank you, my friend. Without knowing you, I know that you are present. I know that you are always accompanying those most dear to you. I know that you are available to help everyone that encounters your story. I can feel you among us. When in my mind I evoke the smile I saw in your documentary, I can feel your happiness radiating through me. Because you loved, you have now been made perfect in that Love.

I ask only two favors of you: 1. Please hug a few people for me in Heaven. You’ll know who they are. 2. Please help us to continue spreading your story, so that others may be touched by your light.

To Zach’s family and friends: stay strong. Know that we, your human family, are supporting you in our prayers.

To everyone reading this post that is not familiar with Zach: please watch his documentary. It’s 20 minutes long and I promise it will be the best spent 20 minutes of your entire week. Special thanks to SoulPancake for taking the initiative to film such a great story, and to Upworthy for helping to spread it.

For those with a generous heart, please donate to Zach’s Cancer Research Fund. Every penny counts.

Muchas gracias, and God bless.

 Photo: Found online

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