We Are Free

They say they built the train tracks over the Alps before there was a train that could make the trip. They built it anyway. They knew one day the train would come… Any arbitrary turning along the way, and I would be elsewhere. I would be different. – Under the Tuscan Sun

It will come. As you breathe in and out, shed all the layers that have been weighing you down. Let go of everything you pretend to know, and simply allow yourself to exist. Intoxicate yourself with this precise moment – nothing more, nothing less.

Imagine yourself lighter, freer. Powerful. Not the kind of man-made power that destroys everything in its path, but the kind that our spirits are born with and bathed in: love. Embrace it, stop denying it. We all know it’s true. All of us have had at least one truly profound experience in our lifetimes which has taught us that love is all there is, love is all that matters, and that love can move mountains… Even if we’ve chosen to ignore it.

Faith is about understanding that we are not in control, and that it’s OK not to be. Accept that the universe existed before you and will continue to exist after you, and that you have no say in this. Give in to this realization. If it makes you sad, then you’re missing the point: we are free. Only in this freedom can we beget love.

That, my dears, is the point.

Let’s spend less time worrying about why we’re here and how to best direct the outcome of our lives. Instead, let’s invest more time enjoying each breath, creating meaningful relationships, finding new ways to use the talents and gifts we’ve been blessed with, laughing, dreaming, giving, caring. In these simple acts we will spread and attract love.

And the cycle will renew itself.

Like those who built the train tracks over the Alps, let’s carve out daily adventures for ourselves. Let’s explore, feed our curiosity, and wonder at everything, just like the children we used to be. If you met yourself at age 6 right now, would that child approve of who you’ve become and how you’re living?

No matter the cards you’ve been dealt, make them count. We know one day our train will come to carry us away to our next grand adventure. Until then, let’s help each other forgive, heal, and move on. Be the person you wish you had in your life. Allow each person you meet to be able to find and follow your unique fingerprint of love.

And remember to always look up at the stars, which are still shining years after their light has died. I challenge you to be the same. So many already have… Why not also us?

Photo: Belén Alemán

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