Things to Do when Lounging in a Sun Spot Like a Cat All Day

Lay down on the floor. Get comfortable. Practice big stretches. Find your best position. Then, stay still and rest. Fight the urge to let your mind begin its race. Feel the sun’s gentle rays bathing every inch of your skin. Imagine your lover’s supple lips gliding gently all over your body. Drift off into a reverie. Believe everything your heart whispers delicately into your ears. Change positions as the sun moves in the sky. Chase what you desire. Sink back deeply into yourself. Search for the elusive feeling of satisfaction. Hold it tight when you find it. Then, let it go and grieve it. Fan your face when you overheat. Lick your wounds. Roll around and allow the prehistoric guttural sounds buried within you to emanate from your internal caves. Hiss at anyone who would dare close the blinds. Purr. Remember his smile and the way his eyes would light up with shooting stars any time you caught him looking at you. Shed a tear for the sunset. And when the daylight ends, write a poem about it.

Inspired by Dan Albergotti’s poem Things to Do in the Belly of the Whale
Photo by: Unknown, found on Pinterest

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