My Writer’s Manifesto

As I write, I am like a Goddess waking up from a deep slumber. 
Like Athena discovering that all of the wisdom of the Universe is contained within her.
Like Aurora emerging from her years-long sleep only to discover that, handsome as he might be, it is not Prince Charming who matters, but rather her own Power. That Power that burns like the mightiest of fires and ignites her deepest desires.

My deepest desires. I am waking up to Me

Hi, ¡hola! 
Here I am – ready, willing, and a little unsure. 
OK, maybe a lot unsure. But uncertainty is healthy. So is coffee. 

I am awake, and I choose to Trust. 
I trust in the infinite wellspring that is my imagination, just like I trust in my Bialetti Moka pot to keep me satisfied and delighted while I write.

My words flutter, and so does my heart. 
Could it be the caffeine?

Querida, we must not die feeling like we never truly lived.

It’s not the caffeine. It’s my Soul. It has spoken.
Yes, I will remain awake, vigilant.
I will make more cafecito if I need to.
And, most importantly, I will write.

I will write powerfully. I will write freely. I will write fully. I will write beautifully.

And every now and then, I’ll take a walk. The movement will do us all good.

Photo by: Jade Moyano

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