The Inspiration I Needed

What was that they taught us when we were little? Never, ever, ever give up? Something like that. Except back then, life seemed pretty easy. I sometimes wonder if it still is, and it’s just us that make it complicated, with our crazy notions about what should and shouldn’t be.

Here’s another little tidbit of childhood wisdom: rules are made to be broken; it’s more fun that way. And if you don’t take the risk –that one risk that could change everything for the better-, you will never know if it actually could have. For me, not knowing is worse than failing and having to get back up again.

It’s been a while since I’ve felt inspired to fight for something I desperately wanted, but I’m pretty fired up right now. People unknowingly keep adding fuel to the flame. Every time I stop to think about how difficult it might be, or I start slipping into that loathsome self-pity, I do my best to slap myself out of it. There’s simply too much real suffering and injustice in this world for me to be any sort of brat about my life.

My life is nothing short of perfect. Even with its ups and downs.

So, here’s to pushing forward. Here’s to going after your dreams, being persistent, and not taking “no” for an answer. Here’s to not giving in until you’ve given it all. I decided long ago that there’s no other way to live. I refuse to sit by, idly watching the rest of the world either sleep itself to oblivion or live fully.

Mediocracy sucks, and I’ve flirted with it for far too long. Of myself, I will continue to demand only extraordinary. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Challenge accepted.

Photo: Lilah Sugarman / Chascomús, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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