I Am That We Are

I am that We are powerful and free.
I am that We are compassion, love, and understanding.
I am that We are forgiveness.
I am that We are passionate and driven.
I am that We are a force to be reckoned with.
I am that We are courage, strength, and resilience.
I am that We are open to learn from each other.
I am that We are lending our ears to truly listen.
I am that We are awakening.
I am that We are being called to be a higher version of ourselves.
I am that We are a light for future generations.
I am that We are our planet’s caregivers.
I am that We are all one and in tune with the universe.
I am that We are infinite possibilities.

I am the possibility of this election being a blessing in disguise.

I am the possibility of taking action, of fanning the flames of the fire that has been ignited in my soul. I know I am not alone in feeling this.

I am the possibility of transformation for our world.

I understand why some voted for this man. I empathize with the suffering they’ve endured and feel compassion for them. I, too, believe radical change is needed, but I do not, cannot, and will not ever support radical change that is rooted in fear, hatred, separation, sexism, racism, misogyny, discrimination, and intolerance.

I apologize for the times when I have been those things in the past. No more.

I am taking a stand for humanity. I am taking a stand for myself and for us all. I am calling us to rise. I am calling us to be the lightworkers and healers that we know ourselves to be.

I will do no harm, but I will take no shit.

All of this is an agreement with my soul.
All of this is my commitment to you.

I am making this public so that you can hold me accountable if ever I stray from my Word. I simply ask that you hold me accountable with compassion and love, and that you extend your hand and lend me your strength so that I may once again rise with you — not against you.

I will do the same for you.

What will we create?
I am surrounded by absolutely beautiful, talented, and inspiring humans, and I want to leverage whatever it is that you are here to share with the world. Let’s join forces. I will no longer stand by in idleness, let alone for the next four years, and together is always better.

I am still discovering how I will take concrete action within my community (aside from writing). In the meantime, I would like to begin by creating a network of people that are as interested and passionate about becoming actively involved with a cause as I am.

If you would like to be a part of this network, leave me a comment here with your email address or on the Facebook update of this post, and I will reach out to you. It doesn’t matter where you live; we can all support each other from wherever we are planted.

I am truly looking forward to connecting with you.
I am truly looking forward to helping each other be the change.


“Know this: The most fierce, courageous, loving, passionate, radiant spirits have just been ignited. The future is bright!”

– Life as Ceremony

Photo by: Found on Google