How do I feel?

That’s a loaded question.

I feel heavy.
I am drowning in a sea of words I want to shout, but I fear no one will hear…  Or worse: no one will listen.

But, why? Why does it matter how I feel?

It doesn’t, so please stop asking.
Just know that I am going to express myself, regardless.

I am going to WRITE.

And so, this is how it all begins.
This is how I move past my comfort zone.
This is how I get over myself.
This is how I become invincible.
This is how I fulfill my calling.

Because, quite frankly, I don’t matter, but what I was sent to say, does.

It needs to be said.

I could care less if you agree with it.
I am not doing this for you.

And I am done trying to pretend that I am.

So, here it is. And here you are.
Feel free to read on; feel free to leave.

Either way, you’re welcome.


Photo: Belén Alemán / Self-portrait in Isla Verde, San Juan, Puerto Rico

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